絵巻に残された歴史を知る「戊辰戦争カラー絵巻と純仁法親王展」Ninnaji Temple and the Boshin War : A Special Exhibition of Digitized Scrolls for the Modern Times






Ninnaji Temple and the Boshin War : A Special Exhibition of Digitized Scrolls for the Modern Times



The exhibition will take place at Ninna-ji Temple, which owns the original picture scrolls.



Boshin Senso Emaki (Boshin War Picture Scroll) depicts the history of the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate and the Meiji Restoration set in Kyoto and Osaka.



The scrolls have been brought to life through the use of cutting-edge digital coloring technology.



You can look forward to several engaging exhibits, including a comparison of the original and digitally colored emaki, an original video that animates the people and objects within the emaki, and a VR experience that immerses you inside the emaki.



Alongside the interactive events, this year’s event will feature a special display of materials related to Prince Ninnaji-no-Miya.



We hope you will enjoy the special exhibits featuring cutting-edge technology.






<イベント詳細情報>    Detailed Information


■日時     Date


7月6日(土)~7月15日(月)     9時~17時



7/6-7/15     9:00 a.m-5:00 p.m.

Please enter by 4:30 p.m.


■場所     Place


総本山仁和寺 大内の間



Ouchi Room in the Gosho Garden of Ninna-ji Temple

※Please enter through the Goten Palace entrance.



■料金     Fee


大人 1,300円(税込) 高校生以下 無料




Adults 1,300 yen (tax included) / High school students and younger: free

*Please show your student ID at the reception.

*Fees include entrance fees to the Goten Palace.



■主な展示内容    Main Exhibits



Several documents related to Prince Ninnaji-no-Miya



A full-size replica of the Boshin War picture scroll (original, digitally colored in Reiwa version)



Digital emaki viewed on a touch panel display



Screening of the original video work “The Battle of Toba-Fushimi : A Month of Ninnaji-no-Miya on the battlefield”



Animated picture scroll VR experience



Replica of Nishikinomihata, Shogun’s banner (picture scroll version)





■お問い合わせ先 Contact



Advanced Imaging Technology Research Center (AITReC)




Please contact us only via email at


[共催] 世界遺産 総本山仁和寺/先端イメージング工学研究所
[運営] 株式会社アートリサーチ
[事業名] 文化庁令和4, 5年度LivingHistory促進事業

[Co-organizer]  World Heritage Ninna-ji Temple / Advanced Imaging Technology Research Center
[Planning] ART Research Inc.
[Project Name] Agency for Cultural Affairs, Living History